London has a new right
To Bare Arms

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For a realistic game, you are able to obtain some pretty nice weapons. Some legal; some not.

Single and Twin Pistols

You can only get a second one when you run over a dead person's gun. They will share ammo, which you can reload (R2) to check whether or not you have a lot left. Pistols are superbly accurate in both close range and long-distance. This is your primary gun, the primary gun of in-car patrolling cops, and the overall most common weapon.


The AK-47 is a strong assault rifle, and one of the game's best far-range weapon. You cannot reload it, thus you must be conservative with your ammo. You may find gangsters, whom you can identify by the number (2) of people in a car, driving around with it. It's also in many of the missions. If a copper sees you with this (or any, for that matter) gun, you're in for it.


The third most common gun in the game, the Shotgun, is used in several missions as well. It's horrible when it comes to shooting across a room. This, you can reload. You might only be able to find the most powerful arm of the game in the arms of a gangster. "One-Hit kill" and "Two Birds With One Stone" are both fitting adjectives.

Sawn-off Shotgun

Yet another strong gun; yet another shotgun. Good luck finding this one, though. It is indeed the most, and only, rare gun in the entire game. It is a Shotgun with the end of the barrel cut off, hense the name "Sawn-off Shotgun." Like its father, the Shotgun, it is best at close range, and is fatal in just one shot.

MP5 Sub Machine Gun

Possibly the coolest weapon in the entire game, the MP5 is fast, fierce, and furious. With mere, quick quivers, you will be able to knock out any opponent with relative ease. This arm is found only in arms some special officers. More specifically, when the back-up squads arrive. Though it may take more than one shot to kill, it won't be hard. Why, you ask? Simply because its accuracy is outstanding.

Baseball Bat

Finally! A lethal weapon that you can run right by the Old Bill with! The wooden bat, meant to hit a ball, can now pound on the bones of any body. _ You might find a Jaimacan holding this. Just take them out, and you can take their gun out. Careful, though, as it's a melee weapon.

Meat Cleaver

The most intimidating melee weapon in The Getaway is the sharpest tool in the shed. Just get close enough, and you can chop away at the closest person. Don't worry, as it is not graphic (or bloody). The knife is found both inside the walls of Snowy Hill Police Station, and within the grasp of a Jaimacan. The meat cleaver is pretty hard to obtain, however.

Police Trungeon

No foolish copper would go after you with this! Well, that's due to the fact that the on-foot cops also carry them around. It's not just black stick, but an important part of your everyday needs. Just take a stroll through London, and you'll easily find this for melee combat.