The Getaway Missions

Here you will find strategies for all 24 missions. With practice, you will be able to complete all of them without the use of cheats.

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Mark Hammond/DC Carter

Mark Hammond/DC Carter

Mark Hammond|Briefing


What's to happen next? Whatever it is, it can't be pretty. A group of people just killed your wife and napped your son! Why? Well, it could have to do with the fact that you're an ex-con, trying to now live a normal life. Ah, well...



For the first mission, they made it simple. Just follow their car, and avoid other cars. Try driving between lanes. If they start to lose you, they'll slow down. And if you ever get lost, follow your blinkers. Get out when both lights are flashing.

Get out and tap (X) against the wooden fence on the right. Take out your pistol (Triangle) and pop the guy in red as he comes up. Next, shoot the second guy as he makes a similar approach. Peak left and free aim (R2) your bullets to the red, explosive barrels. Make your way to the AK47 the guy on the balcony dropped. When your almost there, a man will come out of the door.

Head next to the doorway and shoot the guy behind the boxes. Go in and hide to the left. A couple of guys will arrive near the last man. Kill them. Then go to the left and shoot either the guy or the barrel. Either way, another guy will come out of a door here.

Head to the wooden doorway on the left, and make sure you have a stronger gun! Take out the guard in a brown jacket as he passes. He won't see you. Take this right and the life of the guy on the next left. Watch out for other guards who pass by.

Make the first left here, and kill this pesty enemy. He only pops out after you do!

Turn right at the end and go to the corner in the right of this room. Free aim and nail this guy in the head as the other one runs up the stairs. Peak out this door repeatedly to wipe out everynody on the room. Once they're all dead, run out and through the small room with two doors. You will see a man run to the right. Follow him, get close behind, and take him hostage (X).

Turn around and walk through the hallway. Auto-aim (R1) at the three men in this area while using oyur human shield. Terminate (Square) the guy in your arms with or without your gun. Run forward, into the door, and to the left.

Mission Complete

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Simply follow the blinkers until you reach the restaurant on a thin, one-way road.

Walk up and take the guy smoking and standing outside the blue building hostage. Walk in and to the left. There should be an indoor window in the curved wall. There, you can shoot some others. Make sure you pick out all of the enemies!

Go upstairs, careful of the two people already there. As well as the next guy to come down. Then, go in to the dining room half way up. There should be two men hiding in the room. One to the right, and one to left; both ducking beneath a table or counter. Once they're both dead, take the shotgun from the guy on the right.

When yu continue upwards, a man in black will start down. Get him.

Go in the room around the corner and kill the man in front of you. Then, give the three men on the right a present. Head down the room as you wipe out another two guys. Next you'll need to kill the man in the bar (to the right).

Assuming you shot a candle earlier, you should expect others to explode. Go back to the door of the room. Once you see gas, run!

While running down the stairs, a man should be popping in and out the kitchen. Just a warning. Now, as fast as you can, run all the way down and take the cop hostage.

There should be a few cops all around. Carefully eliminate all of the closet ones, kill the cop you're holding, and jack the car in front of you.

Run down all of the remaining coppers and escape to the right. That is, the right from when you're exiting the restaurant.

Mission Complete

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Start off by going right. Don't turn left until you would otherwise ram straight into a building. Keep straight, even if it means going against London traffic. After being forced to make a left, immediately go right. Hyde Park will be on your first left.

Park by the front door and head in. Walk to the left and grab the man standing at the bottom of the stairs. Make sure you take out your gun while doing so.

Face the guys with their hands up. Take them out one by one in the heads. If and when somebody runs and shoots at you, auto-aim them back.

Once they're all gone, dispose of the man in your hands. Run up the stairs. A man should be walking out of the next room as you approach it. When you go into that room, three or so gangsters should see you. Destroy all of them.

Go though this next doorway and, once again, kill everybody who already saw you.

Now go into Stealth Mode. If anybody else is coming up, stop them. If not, then go ahead and pop your guns put and shoot even more men!

The next section is the last part of the upper floor. Go in there and kill the two people right there. Then walk around the corner and go down the stairs.

And guess who's waiting right there for you! A couple of good, ol', murderous gangstas. Keep walking down and head to the corner in the left to regain health. Don't act surprise when multiple men march out (at differemt times).

When you're back in good health, walk through the door in front of you. A man with a pistol will be standing on the stairs there. Surprise him, using the brick wall standing out.

At the turn of the corner behind this guy, a Shotgun will be hiding in the sweaty palms of another man. Two guys are hiding at the next right turn. You know what to do.

Go into Stealth Mode on the corner leading to the next area. But first, beware any regenerating guards. Then, when you pop out, six guys will do the same, but in pairs. The statue is on you right.

Take a right on the road form the park. At the first fork in the road, stick to the right. Just seconds later, it would be a good idea to stop and drive some bullets into the gansters. If some cops arrive, so the same to them. Then, if a double-decker is around, or another car tall enough, you can lean up against that.

When you get a new, fast car, continue driving. Keep straight as far as you can. When you have to turn, turn right. Take a left when you, yet again, have to turn. Then take the first right and the first left following that.

You should be on a four-lane road. A round-a-bout is ahead. Turn off to the left (so you don't have any blinkers flashing).

After going through the tunnels, make the first right turn. The pub is in the alley way on your left.

Mission Complete

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After leaving the alleyway with Eyebrows, go to the right onto the round-a-bout. Go straight off of the round-a-bout, so your flashing indicators are no longer flashing.

Take the very last left turn before your would hit a palace-like building. You'll know if you took the right turn if both of your indicators are flashing.

While both lights are going on and off, the prison van (ahead) should ram into a Police Vectra. As soon as you see this, pursue the big, white van.

Whenever you can, try veering into the side of it. The more smoke, the better. it should finally pull over, leading to a cutscene.

Depending from where you are, the twists and turns will be different. Just follow your blinkers. And yes, the warehouse entrance is the exact same as in the first mission.

Mission Complete

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As the man in green turns around, grab him and snap his neck. Then, immediately run and take the guy ahead who's smoking.

Go straight and to the left (against the wall). Walk down and eliminate the guy in the brown jacket.

As quickly as you can, run through the door and hide beneath the stairs. Go into Stealth Mode and wait for one man to come from above. Then, when he's not looking, SICK HIM!!!

At the top of the stairs, get back into Stealth Mode. When standing next to the door, you should see four people walk away from you. After they turn the corner, run out and enter Courch Mode in the only place that makes sense. Strafe left, while ducking.

As you near the end of it, a man will walk out. Don't panic. He'll walk off, allowing you to stalk him, or kill him. If you wait, he'll stop again, letting you force a Choke Hold on him.

Now just stroll on down to the office.

Careful with this car. It's your only one for the mission!

Start off with two lefts and a right. At the four-way intersection, keep as straight as you can.

At the round-a-bout here, go right to the bridge. When getting off of the bridge, drive straight and avoid all oncoming cars. Take the third left, once again making you fight the traffic - literally!

At the end, turn right, and then left. Then make the second left (the first open one). On the left side of the road will be a dark, concrete pathway. Turn here, of course.

Mission Complete

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Go right, left and left. Within a few seconds, get out near a pedestrian for body armor. Wipe out all of the people pursuing you.

Get in a car and keep on going straight. When you see a couple of four-way intersection right by each other (near a fountain), go right on the second one. The indicators should dim out.

Ahead you should come across a road block. Just go through it. Yet again, get out and eliminate all of the others (or just get a new car), if you need to.

You will start going the wrong way on the road. But, meh. Who cares?

Around here are many, many obstacles, such as another road block. Just drive past/through them.

At an upcoming round-a-bout with a statue in the middle, you need to turn left.

When you have to, turn right, then the first left. The next time you're forced to turn, go left. Take an immediate right.

After taking the first left on this street, stop. Erase everyone chasing you.

Regain health, find another car, and park it in front of the driveway to the left (with a car in it). Get out in the inside.

Go in and into Stealth Mode. People will come the way you did. Pop out and shoot one or two of them. When you turn back around, a man should come walking from in front of you. Kill him. Repeat this until nobody's behind you, people stop walking from in front of you.

Next, peak out on the other side. There should be a man in a window. Get rid of him as well as some others who may see you.

Now walk out into the open. There should be a few people scattered around. If you need to, go back and regain health.

The next step is to go into a door in the building ahead. Kill the one man in there.

To complete the mission, just simply walk back to the street.

Mission Complete

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07|Filthy Business


Run forwards. Two cop cars should appear. Taking them out, and any gangsters nearby, should be easy by now. Just make sure all of them are dead by the time you leave. And when you do leave, turn to the right.

Make the left turn at the very end. Stay on that road as long as possible. Then go right. You should be heading for a tunnel.

At this round-a-bout go to the left. Make the second left turn, you'll be facing two lanes of traffic (head on).

Turn right at the fork in the road.

Don't make any off this road. Yes, you will turn, but stay ON the same road. Pretty soon, you'll reach a fountain you saw earlier. This is where you run out of road. Take the very last left.

Next, take the right at the very end, followed by the immediate left. At the end (once again), go left.

Take the next two right, and go through the next two road blocks. Make it to the left side of the road, so you can take the left at the end. Then, take the second left. You should be at a place where you have to turn, anyways.

It should be straight ahead, parked on the right side of the road, when both of your blinkers flash. Get in it.

Go straight to start off. Don't take any turns out of the road you are on. You will come across a gate in front of you. Turn right. Then make the first left.

At the end of the road, past the highly vegetated area, turn right.

When approaching the fifth right turn, you will see the real van on the left side of the road. Don't getr out of your car, as it will take off as you get closer.

Just follow it from here on out. Avoid as many obstacles as you can. Then, when close enough, RAM into the side of the car you're pursuing. Or, better yet, just veer the front of your car into the side of the other one.

When it stops. it's time for you to take off. Without (heavily) damaging your van, and without getting out, follow your turning indicators. The station should be on a small two way, two lane road, and a green building.

That's right. You have to find, as you lost them in the previous cutscene.

There should be an officer there awaiting your arrival. Follow him until you see a lady in either brown or gray. Then follow here until she turns around. Ahead, and to the left, should be a stair case. Go up it.

Around the corner, run straight, to the right, and back to the left. Then take the next two left turns ahead. In the first door to the left will be some guns grab one as fast as you can.

Then, when a cop, any cop, walks into the room, take him (or her) hostage! Free aim at the door for anybody who comes to it. When nobody else walks up, it's your turn. Go into the doorway, and twist your gun back and forth, or to the right and to the left (so you can pick everybody off).

When the hall's all clear, dispose of the hostage and exit to the right.

At your first choice of turning (straight or right), make the the right choice. When the color of the walls change, go left. Take a person hostage as soon as possible.

Go left, into a Computer Room, at the end of the hall. There should be an officer behind the first wall of computer, as well as behind the second wall, for you to murder.

Go into the next hallway. There will be a doorway straight ahead, in which will lead to McCormack standing there. Shoot him while you can. When he's out of site, shoot to kill the two other cops in the room. Then leave to the left, just as McCormack did.

In the halls, go to the right. This will take you to another set of stairs. Wait there for some special officers to get in site. When they do see you, they will put their arms up. To make it so they walk up the stairs, get out of their site. Be sure that at least one of them comes up the stairs. Kill them there regain health, and take their MP5's.

Run down the stairs, and shoot McCormack again. Run after him and kill any obstacles that also get in your way. Following him should be easy. If he does lose you, then just try one way to see whether or not that leads to a deadend. Take somebody hostage, too.

You should see him walk into a dark room. Walk forwards as you kill him. Walk into the same room to watch a cutscene where.

Leave the room and kill two cops to the left, after the one right in your face.

Turn around and go left, towards a vending machine at a corner. Once you pass the corner, some cops will toss out a gas grenade. Go into Stealth Mode and pop out on the three cops slowly approaching. Don't kill your hostage, don't take their guns, but carry on.

The stairs ahead lead to a locked door, so turn around and go left (from the hallway with the cops).

Take every right possible without going into rooms until you see another gas grenade get tossed out. Call this area Checkpoint A. Go out and kill anybody you can, then take some MP5s and rest. When you're ready, go left and outside. A door will slide into your way out. Now return to Checkpoint A. Turn right out of the area, and into two open doors (one doorway).

You should see, just to the right, where you came in at. Now leave from there.

Leave to the right. Go straight onto another road. Head right on there. Keep straight. As long as you don't turn off this road, the warehouse will end up right in front of you.

Easy, no?

Mission Complete

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You start out in an unmarked Police Vectra, so don't blow the siren (L3). Back up a few feet and drive out right in front of you. Go straight onto the road heading just a little to the right. You'll go downhill and curve left. You will see a right-hand turn, but don't take it. Just a few seconds later, you'll a gas station to the right. Pull in there and you should find a nice, fast, dark car (in the back). Take that if you want a faster car.

Leave the gas station going the same direction you came. Then, take the first right turn ahead. At the very end of the road, turn left. Make the firt right from there.

Follow the road and take the first left off of the street. When that road ends, you'll see a round-a-bout. Ignore it and just go straight.

Turn left at the end of the road. Then make the third right onto a small, one lane street.

At the end, go right. From there, make the very first left, and you're there.

Start off by killing the man in front of the building. then going into it.

Go downstairs. As soon as you make it to the bottom, people will be shooting. To survive this little gang war, stay to the left right by the stairs (for some cover). Use your pistols, as they're they best guns at long distance.

Once everybody in your sight are gonners, regain health. Then go into Stealth Mode and peek out to blast into the bodies of those who remain. You will have to advance on them. So be dodgy, and bring your AK47! But first, take out as many poeple as you can from afar.

As you get further into the building, stay near the brick walls. There are easy places to recover safely.

When the room seem to be empty, go to the bar in the back. Wipe out the AK47, and the man holding it, back there. Then, go into the small room to the left of the bar. After you go a ways into the room on the left, it will be

Mission Complete

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Start off by taking the first left turn. Make yet another left turn at the end of the road. You'll face a road block and hatred from the cops, but nothing new.

Soon enough, there will be a black fence ahead. At this point, you will have a choice to turn left, or keep straight. Just turn left.

From there, make the second left turn. The house will be on the left, about half way from the intersecting road behind you and the one in front of you.

Now to find the Yardie crackhouse. Assuming you didn't turn around when you dropped "Layla" off, drive straight. At the end of the road, turn left.

Make the very first right. You'll see two roadblocks. After the second one, keep on the right.

Even though you will have to drive on sidewalks, don't turn. Keep going as straight as possible.

After a while, you will approach a four way intersection with a thin statue in the middle of it all. Take a left turn at that point.

A wise choice would be to turn right at the end of the road, and the first left from there. This should take you under a long overpass.

At the end of the road - go figure - turn left.

At the fork in the road, stay in the middle. From there, take the second right.

Take the first left. At this point, your blinkers will stop flashing. It will be on the left, by a brick wall, after the second intersection. There should be a part of the wall knocked down (right by a bulding.

First off, make sure nobody's around you. Well, no coppers or gangtsas anyways. Then walk into the isle between the fence and the building.

You'll pass by a corner only to see another corner. Go into Stealth Mode and wait until the two men are done talking. WHen they are, snap the first guy's neck. Then do the same to that of the other guy.

When that's over with, walk into the building. The guy sitting on the chair ahead won't see you. Go into one of the doors on the right and take out both of the people sitting on the sofa before they can even stand up. The first guy (from the chair) will run to you. Easy kill. Also easy for you to regain your health before moving on.

Walk up the stairs with your finger not-so-gently resting on the R1 button. If you're quick enough, though, you won't even have to fire a bullet.

Now leave the room the guy you just killed was in. Go into the first door on the right carefully. The door to the left is weak, so yu will be against two men soon enough. If you need to, crouch (or just go into normal Stealth Mode) behind this wall. Regain your health... again.

Walk up the stairs, again with the R1 button under you index finger, and prepare to fight. Two men will be shooting you before you know it. So kill them and go into the first room on the right. Another person should walk in within just seconds. After he's done for, rest up.

Now, just run into the room to the right while shooting.

Mission Complete

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Find a car facing he same way as you. Then zoom off, without turning. At the end of the road, just join the new road. Stick with that until you come to a round-a-bout with a big piece of art in the middle. Turn right.

Just keep on this road, and it will be on your right. It's location is no mystery.

For this half of the mission, you're supposed to sneak around the entire room to make it to the end. But here's a quicker way. You must always be alert of your surroundings, though. Also, use a gun that you know has a lot of ammo. You'll need it.

Go into Stealth Mode right standing against the box right in front of you. The man in white should walk towards you. When he gets to the side (either side) of the box, put him in a choke hold. If he hurts you at all, you might as well give up and try again. If and when your hostage dies, rest for more health and take the next guy you see hostage.

Walk to where the three men, including this one, were talking at. You should come across one of them. Kill him. Sometimes he won't be there. In that case, wait for him! That or he'll end up killing you from behind.

There should be two men at the end of the long row of boxes that the three men were standing by. These are two tough cookies, so make sure you move to the left and the right as you shoot. Or you could free-aim at his head.

Look around the corner, after the two tough cookies are dead, but stay back. A man should pop out himself and try to kill you. Now it's your turn to be a tough cookie.

Now look ahead. There should be a man on the stairs. Kill him if you can. If you can't, then just save him for later.

Look around the corner behind you and dispose of the two men you'll see, then head to the stairs.

Now advance to the stairs. Assuming somebody gets in your way, take care of them then and there. When you do reach the stairs, get rid of anybody there. Then kill the hostage and walk up.

Take a walk through the door, and down the stairs from there. The rest is simple enough. Just continue through the next room in the next room, and so on. No enemies.

Mission Complete

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Follow Yasmin out and take the first two guns you see. Around the corner, two men should come out, the first one holding an AK-47. Take it.

Around the next corner is a set of stairs. Walk up it. You should hear bullets flying, meaning that all hell has broke loose.

To the right, a total of seven of Charlie's angels will come out. Make sure to use the boxes to your advantage.

Ahead, you should see the same gap in the wall you snuck through in Mission 5 Go through it.

Through there should be about half a dozen more angels. Send 'em all to hell.

The entrance/exit to the warehouse, of which you should recognize, will be to your left. Go out and jack the empty Lexus. Leave the property with Yasmin (going straight).

If you see any Lexuses or coppers, beware. If you become notices, then this entire third of the mission will be one big, long chase.

Take the first left, and then a right. Keep on that road until you hit a round-a-bout. Take the first right off of there.

You should now be on a bridge. In the middle of the bridge should be a roadblock. At the end of the bridge, you have a choice to stay on the road, or go beneath it. Head down under.

At the end of the tunnel is another road. A roadblock should appear soon. Either way, turn on the third left.

You should pass through a roadblock, followed by two roads (including the one you're on) joining. Keep going. A while later, you'll see another roadblock. From there, take the fourth left.

Make the second. Charlie's mansion will be in middle of this section of the road, on the right.

Go down the stairs, through the door, and through the house until you see some red lasers from head to toe. Stand against a wall, go into Stealth Mode, and strafe past them. They will go off as soon as you pass a dot in the wall (immediatly after the lasers). If you do, by any chance, walk through a laser, some thick, yellow, poisonous gas will be released. Run away as fast as you can to safety, then regain health. Though, if Yasmin gets injured enough, you might as well start over.

Walk around the corners. The door ahead should end up blocked by lasers. Rather than passing through them, go through the door to the left. Hold Auto-Aim and shoot.

As soon as you pass through the door on your right, the lasers will disappear. Now, two men should come from ahead and attempt to murder you. Prevent that. However, if they don't come, they'll be through the next doors, just passed the first left.

Another two men will be around the corner on the right, though they'll come to you. Here's two guns, in case you run out of ammo.

If you head through the mansion from here, you'll end up caught by lasers at the bottom of some stairs. Make sure you have your shooter(s) out and stand back. Another three men will run down them.

After they're dead, go into Stealth Mode against the wall on the right. Just walk up from there.

Outside, in the courtyard, will be two men... again. This time, one will be to the right, while the other's waiting on a balcony above.

No matter which door you walk through, lasers will appear behind you. Go into the hallway with a black and white floor. Soon enough, lasers will come up in front of you. Do a roll (X while running) to pass under it. This will allow Yasmin to finally reunite with you.

From the right, and from the stairs curving behing you, will come two men. They shouldn't be too special of a threat.

Walk up the stairs. From the top, go through the door on the right, then through the left door. Do a roll under the lasers to the right. After that, roll under some lasers to the right. Go into Stealth Mode and pass the next lasers. Go as far as you can (to the couch), before leaving Stealth Mode. Now leave through the door and kill any men there.

Head up the next staircase. Go through the door to the right. There will be lasers that pop right in front of you, and behind you. In Stealth Mode, go to the right (on the wall behind you). Then roll under the lasers to the right of that. Make a U-turn and go under the lasers (on the other side of the pool table). Walk through the door and stop. Roll under the laser on the left. Go into Stealth Mode on this door to leave the room. In this room, roll under the lasers to the left. Walk out the door and, again, shoot anybody there.

Run up the stairs, and and into the hallway (on the right). Lasers will appear in front of you and behind you. Roll beneath the ones in front of you. A man will walk up for you to kill. Then roll under the lasers to the door. In the next room with lasers, the blue room, roll under both sets of lasers that you'll see. Then walk out any kill any and all enemies.

Go up the next set of stairs, then in the room in front of you.

Mission Complete

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This part of the mission is timed... so no loligagging!

Take the first (relatively) fast car you see. At the end of the road, turn right. At the end of this road, turn right.

After the first left turn, you should see a gate leading to a park (also on the left). Drive straight through it. At the end, you'll come onto a pinkish-colored road. Turn left onto the round-a-bout ahead. Also, turn (the second) left off of it. Turn left at the end of the road.

You should pass by Big Ben while driving onto a bridge. At the end of the bridge should be yet another round-a-bout. This time, around a building. On the other side is an underpass. Drive under it, on the right lane.

The road will split in two. Stick to the left.

There will be a round-a-bout with a statue in the middle. Drive straight passed it. From there, take the first right.

This right will force you to turn left. Make the first right after that.

At the end of this road, turn left. It will take you to an immediate dead end.

Kill any enemies, then run through the alleyway to the left. Ahead will be will be a parking lot to the left (with three vans). Once you reach those vans, turn right.

Walk up the stairs and on the boat. From there, turn right, though Yasmin will end up going left. Kill the nine men that are there. However, one man might be hiding behind you. Ignore him (as long as you can). Now walk to the right. Yasmin should meet you there. So she doesn't end up nearly dead, go in front of her and kill the two men up the couple of stairs here. Then kill the two men around the corner.

Inside, go downstairs. Walk to the left and go down the next set of stairs. You should be shot on your way there, but what's one bullet?

At the bottom of these stairs, turn right and get rid of two men that are going to come around the corner.

Walk out the door and to the left. A man in a red coat should pop out on the left. After you kill him, check and shoot to the right. Then head behind you. Two men should reveal themselves from each side. To the left is a man hiding behind some explosive (yellow) barrels. Shoot 'em. Then kill a man several feet back.

Take cover when you feel the need. When all (about five) menin this area are dead, go forward and to the left. Kill the man on the top of the stairs.

Go into Stealth Mode and peak out in the direction you were already heading. Kill the three men hiding. Your pistols may be best for this job.

No walk out there. Go into the door on the left. They'll repeatedively try to drop a box on you, so don't stop!

Once you walk through the door, run to the left and kill the man on your right. Then, there will be a gap in the boxes on the left. On your way there, Auto-Aim to kill one of your foes above.

After you've passed by all of the boxes, turn left. Walk up these stairs and turn right. Behind the door to the left are two more enemies. Kill them.

Turn back and head out the other door. Before you even reach the bottom of the stairs, you'll be fairly surrounded by enemies. Just Auto-Aim until everybody's (but you) gone. That'll be about four men.

Either way, go into the door on the right, just in front of the stairs. There should be a man driving a forklift with explosives are in the back and the front. Stand back, and shoot the explosives or the driver.

Run to the left and a man will pop out, so you can pop something into his head.

Continue to the right to kill another man. Ignore whoever it is on the balcony and recover your health beneath him.

Run to your left and around the corner (to the right). Now kill whoever it is on the balcony. Walk as far as you can.

Mission Complete

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Mark Hammond|Debriefing

So... let's recap on what you've done.

First, your wife was killed and your son was kidnapped. You were framed in the midst of this, so the cops hated you from the very start.
You chased your way into Charlie's warehouse, where you nearly got killed. Not to mention the fact that the Brow hit you a few times. You were given a brand new cell phone for Charlie and his boys to tell you what to do. This here included hitting the cops at their station, dropping off a dead man in China Town, stealing 300 grand of the Yardies' money, and jacking drugs in a statue for your old (old, old) man, Charlie Jolson. Thus, you saved your son, Alex, and got the Yardies, Triads, and every other gang in London on your nad side. Some other missions were just to make an old man happy. In other words, Yasmin tried to pose as Layla. The other missions were attempts to both escape and find your son. All the while, your mate, Liam, was doing the best he could to help you.
Charlie ended up arranging a multi-gang meeting just to prove that he hasn't "gone soft". However, this ended up reuniting you and your son and allowing you to explain yourself.
Now, guess who's been banned from the largest city in Europe. That's right! You! You should be lucky they're letting you live at all. However, you do have to leave London for good. While pondering where the sequel, do in 2005, will take place, you might as well drive a few miles in DC Frank Carter's shoes.


Back To The... Past

In case you haven't noticed, you're now the same cop in which you've seen four times throughout the game. So, if you've ever wondered what happened on the other side of the story, you'll not find out. But first, you have to go in and bust good ol' Jake Jolson, Charlie's nephew.


  • Arrest Jake In The Brothel

Start off by following Joe, your partner, into the building. Though he'll turn right, you need to need to go left. There will be two guys right there. Ignore the first turn. But just before the second, there will be a hole in the wall to your left. One man will be in there and fire a Shotgun at you. He's actually pretty easy to take out. From the door to the room he was in, go right and take the second left. It should be another hallway. One man will be right there for you to kill. Another man is above, so you can shoot through the whole in the cieling. A third man should be advancing on you, from right in front of you. Kill him, then walk up the stairs.

Expect to come across a man from the right. Then, an emeny from the left, from out of a door, should run out. After that, go to the gap in the floor. Stand against the wall to the right and go into Stealth Mode. Strafe across. Go to the left, and around the corner. Three enemies should be right there. Be dodgy, but not with your aim. After you pass the right, of which you will not take, three more men should pop out to kill you. Survive. Go around the next corner and to the left. There will be another hole in the floor. Strafe to teh right of it, and go around the corner to find quite a surprise. While it stays there, go the next flight of stairs.

At the top you will find to men, just to the right. After you kill them, go around the corner and kill three guys from across the hall. By now, you're backup should be here. They carry MP5s, which you can carry up to two of. So, if you're deperate, you just evil, feel free to kill to backup units for the guns.

Go to the end of the hall. Now, you should be going against at least to bad guys. Next, walk past the corner on your right. Be careful, for there's a man in the door to the right, and another one in the hole in the wall to the left, just past the door. Keep straight to the end of this hallway, and turn left (as if it weren't obvious enough). Turn right and witness two more deaths. Then strafe on the left, past the hole.

At the end of the whole hole, turn left and follow the [other] cops.

  • Rush Joe To The UCL Hospital

This is the start of the rest of the mission. It has you go into the unmarked Police Vectra with Joe. Remember, this mission is also timed, so hurry up!

Turn on your sirens (L3) and go left, followed by the first right. Take the first right after that.

At the end of the road, you will join a new road. Just follow that one, and take seventh right off of there. This should be the second right turn after the middle of the road dips down.

Make the first right from this road, and the first right turn off of that road. You will now be in the hospital's round-a-bout. Just 'round it, and go to the main doors.

Mission Complete

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  • Go To The Riverside Depot

Jolson doesn't look too happy about this. But it looks like the Inspector is up to something.

From the station's parking lot, turn left. Take the first left after that, and the left after that one. Don't turn at all, even if it means going the wrong way.

After the road splits, take the fourth right turn. The next part may be kind of tricky. Just take as little turns as possible. First, the road will veer left, but not you. This will get you going the wrong way. Next will be a lot of turns in the same area. Before running into a wall, slide some to the left. Then, stick to the right. You should now be heading onto a bridge.

After the bridge, take the first left. The Riverside Depot is to the left. You should see an opening in the wall. Stay to the left. There should be an entrance ahead on the right. Get out of your car.

  • Arrest The Yardie Ring-Leaders

In this area, some men may be there, some may not. However, most people I listed will always appear where I say. So, for best results, follow the directions, always check for enemies, and be on the lookout for Yardies I have not listed.

In the first half of this part of the mission, you should see some tall, yellow things. These are on wheels. So, if you get hit my them, you're a gonner.

Run to the entrance and Auto-Aim. You should be able to kill at least one of the Yardies just standing there.

Go out and to the left. Tap Auto-Aim again to point you barrel at a man standing on some boxes. Afterf him, run to the right.

At the end, here, turn left. Go as far as you can, then turn left. Shoot a Yardie. Run down to where he was at. Pretty soon, you should see a hole in the boxes to the right. Walk through it, so you can kill another man to the right. Run to and past him.

By now, you should be shot at by a man on some other boxes. Kill him, then run to and around what he was standing on. You should encounter a man standing on boxes (just ahead), and a man on the ground (to the left).

Now turn right and then left. Run to some yellow, white and blue boxes. Go through the isle to the left. You shouldn't see any more tall, yellow, moving obstacles.

Past the isle and to the left, you should see a Yardie with a Shotgun. Kill him, then a man with a baseball bat who will run out from behing him. Go to where they were. On your way there, keep on tapping Auto-Aim... just in case.

When you get to where the Shotgun guy was, run down the next isle. Two men should come from the left, while two men will run out from ahead of you. Go any more straight, and two more men will seemingly come out of nowhere.

Now's the hard part. Yardies will be all over the place. My only way of helping now is by saying, "The boxes can help (wink)." Same goes for the soon-to-come backup. Also, don't go into a wide-open area. Instead, head back past the trailers I lead you to. Then walk to the right.

If you follow the preceding, you will be able to reach your destination. This in this area is to go the white van that just passed you by. It will end up in the corner ahead and to the right of you.

Mission Complete

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