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The demo, released in November, 2002 for the UK, was available at the Ted Baker (clothing) stores. However, for Americam it can be found in the February issue of OPM (Official PlayStation Magazine). This demo contains the first, out of 24, mission. On the other hand, there are ways to cheat yourself into a free roam "mode."

For the UK

-Just get to the end of the road where the red car is parked.
-Line yourself up so that you are heading straight down the road, with your back tire against the curb (in front of the market).
-Wait for the beeps, then the music.
-When the music starts, count (preferably using a watch or clock) for 8 seconds. On the 8th second, hold down X as hard as you can (without breaking the controller).
-When you fail the mission, go to RESTART. When you restart, the red car will be stopped at the first corner.
-Get in it and drive freely.

P.S. The timing is set for the original car. If you get another car, it may have different acceleration.


-Donít follow the car when it goes left towards the warehouse. (i.e. the road after you pass the IMAX Cinema. When the car goes left, take the one after it.)
-Instead, take the next left and follow that road (donít turn off) to some garages.
-Nick the Lotus and take it to the warehouse. (From the Lotus, head back the way you came, but take the first right, then left, then youíre almost there)

P.S. You have to be quick or the time will run out. If you do it right, the demo restarts and the Jaguar stops straight away. Just get in and youíre away, but you have to stay in the Jaguar - so donít crash it. (You can get out of it, but donít lose it if you wonder off. If you go too far from it, you fail the mission.)

For the US

-Start out by pulling up about 3 feet, then stop to get into a white Lexus.
-Go the way you're supposed to.
-Now go along the big bridge. (You might realize that you haven't seen the red car since the very beginning, and the beeper isn't there.)
-Go like normal, but don't turn into the spot with the red car.
-Immediately, get out and shoot some people.
-Then go into a new car.